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My projects have sub-projects and in turn

the sub-projects have sub-sub-projects.  Here’s one of them:

silk0001It’s a small silk bookmark machine embroidered with Valdani threads, a new favourite must-have product for me, and padded with batting.  I made it to test out the Valdani threads on silk Dupioni and also to make sure that the “pillowslip” method of backing a quilted silk piece would actually work.

Inspiration comes ultimately from Lorna Moffat’s book Silk Unraveled.  I plan to post the sub-project soon (just have some hand sewing to do on it), and then the project itself in all its glory!

Last week I put in 32-1/2 hours, but unfortunately too much of that was in raging against the machine a.k.a. a rogue phone company that tried to slam us, and PayPal.  At times it became surreal, and the PayPal thing isn’t over yet.  At one point I realized it would be healthier to leave off the fight at least for a day or two in order to calm down.


Fibre artist/writer/editor in the Hawaii of Canada, a.k.a Vancouver Island

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