About Text/Isle

I’m a much-transplanted fibre artist and editor now living on Vancouver Island, in Richmond, British Columbia, Canada, aka the lower mainland aka Metro Vancouver. Richmond is also on a couple of islands so I figure the name still applies!

Most posts will be about my creative endeavours, usually fibre arts.  However words tend to creep into my creative work too, hence the name.

“I certainly would never choose to sacrifice artistic success for a faster method.”  Gwen Marston

5 thoughts on “About Text/Isle

  1. My family saw you at Organic Islands Festival doing great work guiding children as they made artistic panels for an upcoming quilt. Can you please keep your readers informed about when that quilt is done and where it may be viewed upon completion?

    1. Michael,

      The Victoria Quilters’ Guild is planning to start assembling it this weekend. It will for sure be on display at the Guild Quilt Show at the Saanich Fairgrounds on May 14 – 16, 2010. See http://www.victoriaquiltersguild.org

      In the meantime the Organics Island Festival organizers will have it for display at various events. I will keep everyone posted!

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