My Media wishlist

Thanks to Kaet I had a lightbulb moment about what pages are for!

Here’s my list of movies and documentaries I plan to view when I get around to it:

  • The Imam and the Pastor
  • The Arrangement
  • Real Men Knit (features Kaffe Fassett and Brandon Mabley)  I’ve watched it once but I want to watch it again and take notes
  • American Ramadan, documentary
  • Echoes of Forgotten Places, Canadian documentary on Urban Exploration, Industrial Archaeology and the Aesthetics of Decay 725.4 ECH in the library
  • The Color of Pomegranates – directed by Sergei Parajanov – life of the Armenian composer/poet Sayat-Nova

Armenian music to explore:

Sayat-Nova – 18th century , most famous Armenian composer and poet

Tigram Mansurian, contemporary composer

Aram Bajakian, contemporary American-Armenian musician

Alan Hovanhess, (? sp) Scottish Armenian composer

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