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Use What You Have – Got Stash??


well, this is embarrassing!  I knew I had a lot of scraps — defined below — because I had a large tote bag stuffed full, plus some that overflowed onto the floor, plus an open medium size moving box that the tote bag sat in also containing scraps.

Making slabs to recover southern Alberta  inspired me to tidy and organize them.   I emptied the bin in the photo above by consolidating some dyeing fabric and blank white garments which easily fit into a single bin, then started folding and laying scraps in.  Now the tote bag is empty and the box is nearly but not quite empty.

What an eyeopener!  This is the wake up call.  I could make a slab a day for the rest of my life just out of this bin.


and the slabs would be colour coordinated too!


NOT in the bin:

  • batiks for the prairie points on the dino quilt that coordinates with this pillowcase.
  • solid fabrics except for very small scraps
  • green and pink prints for baby quilts

The bin is on a shelf at waist height where I will see it and be able to reach it easily.

Of course, tidying one thing led to another and I have plenty of batting too, now consolidated into a Rubbermaid roughneck tote bin and a moving box.  And there is a little more floor space free than before.

Does anyone else have this problem?  What are you doing about it?

The bin there bin really is just that.  It seems that there are very few fabrics which I’ve completely used up.

This represents 15 years of quilting but I can see the next 15 years are already right here!  And in the very first class the teachers warned us about this, but who listened, LOL?



  • at least two inches square OR
  • one and half inches by six inches long


  • fat quarter with a chunk cut out of it, because of the number of times when I’ve been preparing for a workshop that calls for fat quarters only to discover the dreaded missing corners!
  • quarter yard or just over and NOT width of fabric
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New block discovered?

Decided I really need to finish the dinosaur quilt for my grandson so was making up the last of the bow tie blocks.  Where are the dinosaurs, you ask?  Stay tuned!



Almost made a boo-boo.  It’s a blessing I noticed in time so no reverse sewing was needed.However the trusty seam ripper did not idle as I made two identical units that would not make a proper bow tie.

Decided it does have possibilities and to test with smaller pieces, using 5 inch and 2 inch scraps, the system Joan Ford uses in her book Cut the Scraps!

Of course the colour I grabbed may condemn this to orphan block status for a while.  Not a good time to let myself get detoured into exploring all the secondary patterns, because I have several projects on the go that need to be finished.  But I like the modern, energetic look it conveys.  Definite possibilities there,  what do you think?


And does this block have a name already?  It seems likely that someone would have already tried this and given it a name, since all it takes is six pieces of fabric.