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… aaaaannnnd the winner is!

So Jan, congratulations, please email me at and I’ll get the copy of Quinn McDonald’s Raw Art Journaling to you asap!  In fact there’s still time to join in the Artists of the Round Table workshop, because we’re in week one.

Turned out neither the much prized (by everyone in the family) cowboy hat nor the sinister black balaclava were handy, so we used my ginger jar instead.  Here’s another view:

Thanks to everyone for playing along, and do check out the book when you get a chance!

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Permission Given!

Another actually not so random page from my inspiration alphabet, a perpetually ongoing project.

P for Permission among other things, ties in with the Raw Art Journaling online class I’m taking with Quinn McDonald.



and here are two permission slips, tailor made for me!

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Fibre Arts Festival Coming Up!


Fibrations is a new fibre arts festival in Victoria, BC, Canada

Sunday August 21 from 10 to 4

at St. Ann’s Academy orchard, 835 Humboldt St

FREE admission

their site is

The demonstrations will include Tunisian crochet, knitting with wire, weaving, making yarn from fabric, and Saori weaving, which sounds intriguing, because it’s somehow free form.

Cathy Miller the Singing Quilter will be performing along with others.

This festival was initiated by the owners of Knotty By Nature, who have gathered an organizing group to get this rolling.  They must live near us, because their bicycle is always parked by the hedge.  Isn’t this the coolest outsider art?


My giveaway of Quinn McDonald’s Raw Art Journaling book will close at 3:00 a.m. Eastern Time on Thursday morning.  Weird time, you say?  Well, yeah, but it’s midnight on the West Coast, giving local folks an extra chance to get in the fun.  When I get up on Thursday morning, Young Sprout and I will be randomly pulling a name from the hat.


To join in: go to the previous post and leave a comment.  I’ll be in touch with the winner to get their snail mail address.

Go for it!


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Baraka and Spreading the Love with a Giveaway!

Baraka is when Allah/God/the universe blesses you with something wonderful.  Just coincidentally today happens to be the first day of Ramadan, although there are blessings every day, you just have to be alert.  Yesterday for example we found a perfectly good, solid, new looking wooden table abandoned (that’s it in the photo below holding up my Rolodex!)

To my amazement, today I am the grand prize winner   of a signed copy of Quinn McDonald’s book Raw Art Journaling:  Making Meaning, Making Art from tj’s blog.

As soon as I receive this, I will give away my own gently used copy of the book, which I had pre ordered before publication last week.  And I do mean gently used, it’s been opened and perused but I haven’t written anything in it.

So you know the drill, post a comment to this post and when I receive the signed copy, I’ll do a random drawing and have Young Sprout pull a name out of a hat, so stay tuned.  It will probably be a while based on recent experience with the mail up here to Canada.

Meanwhile, check out Quinn’s site here, and consider signing up for her very generous free online class working through the book chapter by chapter.  Caveat:  it starts on August 14 and you need a copy of the book plus the site through which the course is offered, Artists of the Round Table, is a moderated Yahoo group that you have to join first, so you wouldn’t want to leave it to the last minute!  There’s also a Flickr group for posting images of your work based on the book.

And most importantly, give yourself permission to create!

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Raw Art Journaling in Action!


Here’s TJ Goerlitz demoing raw art journaling techniques from Quinn McDonald’s book Raw Art Journaling, Making Meaning, Making Art, which just coincidentally happens to be launching today.

If I were still in Phoenix that’s where I’d be tonight!

I met Quinn in Phoenix and have taken classes, both in person and online, and know that her book is a distillation of everything she’s been working on over the past few years.  This is an exciting day!


Once I have my mitts on the book, I plan to challenge myself to translate some of the concepts and exercises into fibre art.

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To Do Today

Having taken Quinn McDonald’s online journaling class, (which is what convinced me to move this blog to WordPress!) I decided to make my daily to do lists into art pieces on a fairly regular basis, not that it will happen every day.  Here is today’s list.  In fact “list” is not the right word because it’s not linear, but I find it helps me focus on what is important and the relationships between different activities.

to do0001

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Why I moved, et cetera

For some time I have been admiring other people’s blogs which had bells and whistles not available on blogspot.  Participating as an author in a class blog set up by Quinn McDonald and seeing a few of the WordPress features convinced me to get with the program.

Although all the old posts from Chameleon’s Nest are here I’m still in the process of copying over the blogs for the blogroll and making sure the links are live.  It’s tedious so bear with me.

Once that’s done I plan to investigate more of the gizmos and further enhance the experience.

On a personal level, I chose the name Text/Isle to reflect my identity as a writer/editor/fibre artist now living on Vancouver Island.  For a while there was some personal uncertainty as to whether I would be able to stay, but those red tape hassles have been settled now.  Also I have resolved to be less self-effacing and chameleon-like and be more open with people, so that’s another reason for the name change.

The grandparent I most resemble, my paternal grandmother, was remembered for being a person who could go anywhere and fit right in.  I take pride in that, but at the same time I’m starting to see that this is a virtue that can be overdone and that being too closed in can make others feel insecure.

Of course it’s just TOO IRONIC that I bought that chameleon at Kitambaa!  He’ll be put to good use somewhere or other no doubt …

calmer chameleon0001