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Making art every day

I subscribed to Lesley Riley’s 52 pick-up, which is a year of weekly creativity prompts to encourage more regular art and creativity.  Feeling accountable to a supportive group of other people is helping me to form better habits.

And every day I succeed in spending time creating, I get a star!


In real life the stars look better than they do in the photo, which often happens with glitter and metallics.  They’re foiled, a technique I’ve had a lot of fun with for years.  You can get the foils and special glue from Jones Tones.

But, breaking news!  and not good, although definitely a first world problem, Dharma Trading, the go-to source for all things fibre arty, posted that the foil is being discontinued and they (Dharma) are looking for a replacement.  In the month since they posted, the more conventional colours have been snapped up but they still have purple, green and blue.

I fused the square fabric onto the Disco Dots to have a little more body to stand up to the writing and foiling and free motion quilted along the lines.

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Pink butterfly finito!

with batting, backing, free motion quilting, label (finally filled in at the baby’s house to be sure her name was correctly spelled)


Lessons learned:

  • I like the airy lower volume look on this quilt and the diagonal lines created with the corners and how the slab blocks were turned to emphasize diagonals in the design.  Can see pursuing this idea further.
  • Glad I thought to bring a Pigma pen along so I could finish writing the label
  • Because of the deadline of the baby party I got this finished quickly, the same as the green one I completed on Labour Day.  Hopefully I can hold onto this energy and apply it to other projects, even though the next baby in our community is not due till December.

The perimeter measures 127 inches (36 by 27-1/2 inches)

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The Sniffles

Since it was not practical to go to a cafe today I stuck with Pigma pen on paper and tried to draw a tissue popping out of a box.  At some time I will try again in pencil, which is outside of the scope of this challenge, but I want to improve my shading.  This turned out to be much more of a challenge to draw from life than I anticipated, and I deliberately ignored the artwork on the box, largely because with pen I would have no way to draw the artwork and show the long side of the box as being in shade.

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More lines, two steps forward, one step backward

after missing a couple of days in the challenge preoccupied with Spoonflower designing and ordering I got back into it and experimented more with the ruling pen.  Everything I’ve done is in the Flickr group under “wordnerd411.”


This morning I finally got the pen beak open to the width that suits me and the acrylic ink, mid way through this doodle:










The “good bits” are from after and the crummy bits are from before.


Then I decided to use the pen in my sketchbook, practice stars and writing, and although it would be nice if this were on cloth, I’m actually quite pleased with it:

The step backward is that I had the house to myself, did the drawing, washed everything and put it away and went on my merry way making more assembled fabric and listening to jazz.  Family members came home and “You’ve been using that stuff again!”  Like, I’ve never heard that line before!

Although to me the acrylic ink has only a trace smell, it apparently hangs around the house and is bothersome.

So now I can either use ink on paper at a cafe (using cloth would be difficult because of stablizing) OR use a Pigma pen on cloth at home OR try Setacolor on cloth at home and see whether the odour is detectable.  Setacolor is basically acrylic and to me has a smell but not a smell that bothers me.  We’ll see, I like the thought of being someone who sits in a cafe sketching but things have a way of not turning out like  they do in my imagination.

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This is my drawing for Melanie Testa’s challenge today, done with a Pigma pen, which I’m most comfortable with, it feels like it’s an extension of my hand and I found myself better able to really look at this pomegranate as I was drawing.









Here is my first sketch, in Pigma on paper:   I’m glad I changed the angle for the fabric sketch.  The hexagonal structure is much more apparent when seen from above.

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Day 4 and I was inspired by the radio news (the pictures are so much better than on TV!) about a mob boss’s funeral in Montreal.  The journalists arrived at the church yesterday morning and discovered a black box with a white cross on it.  After the bomb squad checked it out the police said it wasn’t a bomb and there was a note inside but refused to release the contents.

This was done with air erase pen, pigma and Sharpie.


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Pigma pen

No prizes for guessing that I’m far more at home with a Pigma pen, this one is .25 mm size.


Haven’t given up on the ruling pen, just decided to cut myself some slack for today.  At least I’m sticking with the challenge, which to me is the biggest challenge of all.


How about you?  Does anyone else have that urge to procrastinate and be lazy?