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Slab Baby Quilt finished

Actually not just finished, but labeled, loose ends neatly darned, pressed, wrapped and delivered!

Sometimes I amaze myself, which counterbalances the many, many times when I fall short of accomplishing the projects I set out to complete.


This measures 30 by 39 inches so its perimeter is 138 inches towards the CQA Walk to Brock Challenge.

Lessons Learned:

  • I’m starting to appreciate the wisdom/beauty of low volume in baby quilt design — although that is not obvious from this one.  I did make some of the slabs quieter and less busy
  • Next time I’ll go with a much lighter variegated thread for the free motion quilting.  This is Valdani Green Pastures on the top and Ebony Almond in the bobbin.
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One down, 99 to go!

My first mixed media piece for the challenge. It’s a door hanger, one side says
and the reverse says
I hope to set a positive tone for this challenge and use the appropriate side of the hanger as needed.
Wooden door hanger, acrylic paints, commercial stickers and tag, oil pastels.
Did not buy anything for this one (the hanger has been hanging around for about 3 years!) and it’s Wednesday today, not that that matters, but now I have until Sunday to create my next piece.