Test Piece for Latest Toy

The latest toy is the flower foot I bought at the Victoria sewing show. It has a ratchet on it that lets you sew flowers in a perfect circle using any zigzag stitch on your machine.

These flowers were sewn using rayon embroidery thread in one of my favourite colours, onto the sheer fabric I posted about earlier. The fabric was stabilized with newspaper. If you click on the image you can see much more detail. The scan doesn’t really do it justice.

After removing the stablizer, I cut carefully around the motif and then fused it to commercial cotton background with Bo-Nash powder glue. This may become a tiny wall hanging, but if so it will be a byproduct of Shy Beast, because I want to put flowers on that piece too and I needed to test Bo-Nash first.


Blooming Marvelous!

As we were driving to the Coast Collective on Esquimalt Lagoon yesterday, my first impression was that someone had stuck little yellow plastic flags into the ground for some reason. Later Yvonne told me this is skunk cabbage. They are dramatic and we didn’t get close enough to experience the skunk scent.

The Bloom exhibition at Coast Collective was inspiring and thoughtfully laid out in colour families. Seeing what the Victoria Flower Arrangers Guild had done with the pieces that inspired them was particularly interesting, and we commented that some of the flower arrangements could become the inspiration for yet another new artwork, either painted or in fibre. Hmm, that could be the basis for a new kind of round robin perhaps?

Being new to Victoria, I jotted down names of artists whose work particularly intrigues me: (these are in random order!)

Zara Lau – fusing

Beth Cruise – soft sculpture

Lynda Slater (“Bean”) – fibre

Mary Giordano – foiling

Kathy Cameron – gold leaf

Sandra Fowler – glass fusion and other artwork

Barbara Giuliany – fibre

And a bouquet to Yvonne for the ride, and for wearing her new flower jacket too!