Nothing is Wasted

This piece started life as a piece of plain white felt which I used during the Colour Hues session at Satin Moon to test the various colours before using them on fabric. On fabric they do not look at all the same as in the mixing bottle.

I read somewhere that the flower foot is easier to use on heavier fabrics. Having reached a point where I needed to see positive results I have been playing with different threads, including metallics, varying stitch width and length and trying out various stitches that my machine has. The very large circles and curves were done by tracing round plates. Once again I have to wait for the marker to vanish.

What to do with this next? I was contemplating using it for a book cover, but the book would need to be 7 inches high by 4-1/2 inches wide MAX. Maybe better to keep going with embroidery and perhaps beading and make a small wall hanging. Interesting, compared to many fibre artists I think I tend to underembellish, perhaps this is a new departure for me?

Am now kicking myself that I didn’t get amethyst and malachite chip beads from Eileen Neill at the Symphony of Quilts. Oh well, maybe she would do mail order.


Test Piece for Latest Toy

The latest toy is the flower foot I bought at the Victoria sewing show. It has a ratchet on it that lets you sew flowers in a perfect circle using any zigzag stitch on your machine.

These flowers were sewn using rayon embroidery thread in one of my favourite colours, onto the sheer fabric I posted about earlier. The fabric was stabilized with newspaper. If you click on the image you can see much more detail. The scan doesn’t really do it justice.

After removing the stablizer, I cut carefully around the motif and then fused it to commercial cotton background with Bo-Nash powder glue. This may become a tiny wall hanging, but if so it will be a byproduct of Shy Beast, because I want to put flowers on that piece too and I needed to test Bo-Nash first.