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Quilt Design A Day

QDAD DESIGN001_cropCheck out the inspiration photo and palette at design seeds.

I watched Anne Sullivan’s webinar through the Modern Quilt Guild explaining the concept of Quilt Design a Day and took to heart her reassurance that one can participate without necessarily using a computer program to do it.  Although that is something I also do plan to look into!

This was done in two stages

  1. outline the pieces on quad ruled paper
  2. trace over onto sketchbook paper and colour

Starting a list of ‘missing colours’ to pick up either markers or perhaps watercolour pencils whenever I’m in an art supply store.  This palette also has a light cream that I don’t have anything close to, a very low volume colour.

The colouring was done with oil pastels.  The blues and gray reproduced well in the scan but the lilac around the gray in the centre portal is disappointing.

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Up for a Challenge?

Melanie Testa just issued a challenge, to experiment with line for no more than 15 minutes a day on a 5-1/2 inch square of fabric, for 30 days.  I had been looking for something small that would force me to regularly make art and not be cumbersome to get out and use.

This is my first one, and my first time using a ruling pen, apart from some preliminary scratchings in my sketch book, which are still not dry by the way.  I’d forgotten how messy ink can be.  Well, things can only improve, right?