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I’ve been slimed, part 2

Found this in my inbox this morning, it looks to me like a computer generated reply:

Hey there, it’s us, the method folks… thanks for getting in touch! Your question has been received, and you should expect a response from us within 48 hours.

Except the subject line of the email was Aroma Bills (not pills) and I definitely wrote pills in my message.  Talk about a Freudian slip!

Watch this space for updates.

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I’ve been slimed …


… well, greenwashed really, but slimed sounds better.

I trusted the Method company to have concern for the environment and put out good household cleaning products at a premium price.   Up to now I’ve been happy with the products I’ve tried but now I’m ticked.

They have discontinued their Aroma Pills, just months after I paid a premium price for the system.  I liked that the scents are subtle, unlike some other companies whose products hit you over the head with Rose Garden, Summer Meadow or Ocean Breeze.

This is just typical corporate duplicity!  It’s all very well for the bottom of the box to say “recycle. always” but now the unit itself is going to end up in the landfill as soon as the supply of pill refills I found on clearance is exhausted, and I’ll be shelling out more money for some other transient product.  How rude!

This definitely gives me pause to look around for locally produced environmentally sound household products.  Several companies were at the  Island Organics Festival.

Stay tuned, as I’m emailing a link to this post to Method.  We’ll see if they have the gumption to respond.

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Recognition at Last :-)


It’s so cool that someone was sweet enough to grab me a chair AND make a label out of repurposed organic cotton!  It was especially cool because the label was made and waiting when I arrived at the Organic Islands festival this morning.  This is going to be attached to my office chair.

About 40 people have designed blocks for the community quilt, which is plenty to make a decent sized quilt that can be displayed next year.  Ideas for the next one are already percolating away … and I had a really great time. There was a really good vibe and the children were so positive and creative.

sunset0001It’s such fun to watch small children dip their paintbrush into every colour and then splash away.  The organic cotton jersey used for the prayer flags was great because unlike paper it doesn’t disintegrate no matter how loaded with paint it is.  Children were encouraged to hang them up to dry and come back later to take them home, but a lot were left at the end of the day.

The flag above is by me, using very liquid acrylic paint.  The colours almost remind me of Jacquard Setacolor, but these blended better.

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Organic Islands Festival

P7041318P7041311The Organic Islands Festival is Canada’s largest outdoors green festival.  I volunteered at the EcoArt station in the Children’s Village encouraging children (and adults too for that matter!) to create quilt squares that the Victoria Quilters’ Guild will be making into a large scale quilt.  Other activities including painting prayer flags on organic cotton to express children’s wishes for the Earth, and free facepainting.  As you can see in the top photo, the tables were specially made with reclaimed wood to be kid height and show environmental themes.

EARLY MORNING BONUS:  on the way to Glendale Gardens we saw two deer crossing the road!

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Another unexpected pattern

greenwallReturning from Phoenix, it was refreshing to see this vertical green wall at the airport in Vancouver. The desert is beautiful but a week of the prevailing attitude of doing very little about the environment really got to me.

Two hundred years from now people will look at us and be so angry at the legacy we are leaving.  I feel rage at the slave trade that has left us with a legacy of racism and waste of human potential, but people were caught up in a system that made it easy to do the wrong thing.

Okay, I’ll climb off my soapbox now …