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How not to Quilt # 3

And I promise, I’m not doing this deliberately!

IMG_0723This is a scrappy 9-patch inspired by Joan Ford’s Cut the Scraps! book made with many, many two-inch squares.

A  couple of firsts on this one

  1. The border is mitred, following Kimberly of the Fat Quarter Shop‘s YouTube video (although of course you can’t see any of the border on this shot)
  2. What you can see is the masking tape I used to mark the quilting lines.
  3. Planning a two-colour binding.  Matching the border on top, and matching the backing on the back, since it’s a subtle, elegant print that is completely unlike the cosy, energetic, scrappy top.

so what’s the non deliberate error, you ask?

Pulling the masking tape off after only having quilted along one side of it (middle row with the ripped piece of tape)

Fortunately I saw my error in time, and reused a strip of tape to replace the wadded up sticky ball I just removed prematurely.

More quilting has been done since this pic was taken and the quilting does look straight and the stitches are fairly even.  Of course with machine stitching you might think that would be a given, but not necessarily!


Fibre artist/writer/editor in the Hawaii of Canada, a.k.a Vancouver Island

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