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Dino quilt coming together

… and about time too, since I’ve had the fabric for 18 months.


Lessons learned so far:

  • keep a file folder with design notes right in the bin with the project rather than scattered through sketchbooks which then have to be tabbed with sticky notes
  • keep ALL the fabric in the bin.  I was nervous of running short of dinosaurs but when I came to make the remaining bow tie blocks the other day I thought I had run out of the background neutral, so three blocks have a different background.  Then I found plenty of the original planned background fabric that had been stashed in another spot.  I debated picking the blocks apart but decided that done is better than perfect, especially when Young Sprout, the intended recipient, knows about the quilt and is not getting any younger.
  • buy plenty of the focus fabric so there’s enough for a pillowcase.  I already made and presented the pillowcase for this quilt.
  • Directional fabric makes it easier to keep track of which way each block goes
  • Google images was my friend.  I searched for images of bow tie quilts and scrolled down until I found one made with a similar design to what I had in mind.  I don’t have EQ software and if I did I’d either sit and play with it and never sew anything, or I wouldn’t use it at all.   With smaller blocks it’s fun and easy to put them on the design wall and move them round.  These blocks will finish to 12 inches for a total size of 5 feet by 7 feet, which is far too big for my design wall.  So we laid them out on the floor and I made sure that we liked the look of having all the bow ties going the same way.
  • My low-tech friend was masking tape.  Since the squares of dino fabric are virtually interchangeable, I just labeled the bow ties.  Now if I lived in a home with an atrium or a large hallway with a balcony on the second floor I could do it with photos … oh well, think of all the dusting and vacuuming THAT would entail!
  • And here’s my other low-tech friend. Yup, pen and paper.



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