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Blessed with more stash

About to leave for the quilt guild annual retreat, and will post the wild, wild, west challenge piece I made upon my return.

Yesterday I was blessed by a friend whose art quilts have gone in a particular direction, leaving her with a cluttered stash pile.  She did warn me to bring a suitcase and was not kidding!  It took two of us to carry it all downstairs and out to my van.

The smaller photo on the left shows some fabrics which I’ve pulled aside to audition for a summer picnic theme quilt.

The larger photo proves that my benefactress has good taste, ’cause these are fabrics I already have!


And the other small photo shows SOME of the fabric sorted into colours.  The other bag will have to wait until I get back.  This is awesome!

photo(20) photo(21) photo(22)


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