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More Ice Dyeing

I’m making an art quilt for a challenge so until the challenge is over a month from now not much will be revealed.  However I am documenting the process and after the big reveal will post.

The piece is ice dyed among other techniques and here is a piece of fabric that will NOT be part of the challenge piece although that was my original plan.

They say insanity is doing the same thing and expecting different results.  Hmmm.  Well I didn’t do EXACTLY the same thing, because in this ice dyeing session I presoaked the fabric in soda ash solution, then squeezed it out and kept the leftover solution for future use.  The main piece of work was laid in the bottom of the pail and the muslin shown in this photo was on top.  Then everything was covered with ice cubes and procion dye powder was sprinkled over the top.

What WAS the same, you ask?  Again, I had thoughts of dyeing muslin to use for binding, but I find I’ve created something too cool to cut.  I will find a use for it but it will for sure not be binding!


Any and all suggestions for what to do with this are more than welcome.  It’s about fat quarter size and this is a scan of some of it.





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