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Avant garde baby quilt

IMG_0647Rustled this up over a couple of days when I needed a baby quilt quickly for an artistic mom.  Okay, it took more than a couple of days to piece together all the little bits of fabric, but I do that anyway, to preserve small scraps, to play with colour and value, to test the stitching on the machine, you get the picture.

The original plan, which still exists, is to make a bed quilt for myself.  But I keep getting sidetracked and making cushion covers, tote bags, and quilty gifts for artistic people who I think will appreciate this style (which is not everyone!)

The blocks are about 25 inches square and I make a point of putting similar fabric on the outside of different blocks so they can pieced into larger works without the edges of each block being glaringly obvious.  This one is about 40 inches square I think.  Of course it wasn’t actually measured, but most baby quilts are about that size, so that the backing can be done without piecing.  The back of this isn’t pieced so that makes me feel my guesstimate is more or less accurate.


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