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Disappearing 9-Patch, work in progress!

This is a process shot of a disappearing nine patch quilt while it was on my design wall.  Other bits and pieces are peeking out from the sides, this was just right on top of everything.

It’s now assembled and in the process of being quilted.

The Missouri Quilter YouTube video I watched was great as it clearly explained what to expect and how to decide what fabric goes where.  That was how I picked the light blue feathery print for the four pieces in the middle of each outside, so they would become sashing.  I put my focus fabrics in the four corners and the centre fabric was consistently either dark blue or the rust fossil fern print.

There’s many ways to put disappearing nine patch together but for this first attempt I decided to follow the advice given and ensure that I wasn’t trying to match a whole lot of inside seams.  Just matching the seams on the blocks was quite enough of a challenge, thank you.  The design wall was a blessing as the blocks stayed up for over a week while I rearranged them to not have any matched focus fabrics touching each other.  Doing that probably took longer than it took to do the actual sewing of the top.  You can tell this was still in design because there a several places where focus fabs were touching.

Point of Pride:  Everything came from my stash, no shopping was involved!

Disappearing Nine Patch


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2 thoughts on “Disappearing 9-Patch, work in progress!

  1. Great job with using only your stash fabrics! I haven’t posted in some time. It took forever (stuck in a 4 patch quagmire for a while) to finish the quilt for my neice’s wedding the end of Sept. The AZ quilt shop hop gave me the opportunity to load up on new tools (and only a little fabric), but haven’t used them yet. Keep up the good work.

    1. Hi Krista,
      I decided to pull myself out of my blogging funk and just blog about something. So I looked through my iPad photo stream and posted the first likely photo. Thank you for visiting, especially after such a long time!

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