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Baraka and Spreading the Love with a Giveaway!

Baraka is when Allah/God/the universe blesses you with something wonderful.  Just coincidentally today happens to be the first day of Ramadan, although there are blessings every day, you just have to be alert.  Yesterday for example we found a perfectly good, solid, new looking wooden table abandoned (that’s it in the photo below holding up my Rolodex!)

To my amazement, today I am the grand prize winner   of a signed copy of Quinn McDonald’s book Raw Art Journaling:  Making Meaning, Making Art from tj’s blog.

As soon as I receive this, I will give away my own gently used copy of the book, which I had pre ordered before publication last week.  And I do mean gently used, it’s been opened and perused but I haven’t written anything in it.

So you know the drill, post a comment to this post and when I receive the signed copy, I’ll do a random drawing and have Young Sprout pull a name out of a hat, so stay tuned.  It will probably be a while based on recent experience with the mail up here to Canada.

Meanwhile, check out Quinn’s site here, and consider signing up for her very generous free online class working through the book chapter by chapter.  Caveat:  it starts on August 14 and you need a copy of the book plus the site through which the course is offered, Artists of the Round Table, is a moderated Yahoo group that you have to join first, so you wouldn’t want to leave it to the last minute!  There’s also a Flickr group for posting images of your work based on the book.

And most importantly, give yourself permission to create!


Fibre artist/writer/editor in the Hawaii of Canada, a.k.a Vancouver Island

8 thoughts on “Baraka and Spreading the Love with a Giveaway!

  1. Oh I love how things move around. I’d love to receive your gently used copy of Quinn’s book. I’m hoping to get a copy soon so that I can work with the group! I love your blog and all these connections! with peace to you…

  2. Hey Ruth: I am now back in Victoria- I just love the work that Quinn does and have seen her articles in the magazines- this is a method of art I think I could do and would certainlly love, love to have a copy of her book. See you soon Jan Wiebe

  3. How nice of you to keep the book moving along through the world! Thank you. I hope it has arrived by now. On an unrelated word, the Hebrew word for “blessing” is Baruch–there seems to be a linguistic link. How wonderful!

  4. Okay ladies,
    everyone’s name is written on an index card, just waiting for Young Sprout to wake up to do the drawing. I just hope we can find his cowboy hat. If it’s already packed there’s a quite sinister looking black balaclava that will have to do instead!

  5. Wow, thank you Ruth and especially Young Sprout, for drawing my name out of the cowboy hat. I can hardly wait to play with Quinns’ book. I seem to be getting more and more into paper combined with fabric journals- this will be inspirational for sure. Thanks again to the both of you J. Wiebe

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