Alzheimer’s ~ Chance to do your part

Idea Tree was made over a year ago, mainly to teach myself beading in order to complete Geode.

Just 7 by 10 inches, it’s small enough for the Alzheimer’s Quilt auction.  So that’s where it’s gone, and is waiting to go into an auction!  Please pop over to their website where you can look at a better photo, plus pix of all the other little quilts others have made.

Check out the current auction for a chance to get in on this great way to own a piece of original fibre art AND do something about the ever-increasing tragedy of Alzheimer’s.

The auction runs every month, so quilters, take a look and see if you have something small to send.  If not, challenge yourself to make something!

And needless to say once Idea Tree is in the auction I’ll be posting again, in utterly shameless self promotion!


4 Responses to “Alzheimer’s ~ Chance to do your part”

  1. janice Says:

    What a beautiful quilt- and very touching! My mother has Alzheimer’s and I wish she could remember more “now” things than things that happened 75 years ago. Although I love her stories of fireworks at Orchard Bluff and shiver when she told us that once it was minus 32 degrees and they brought the baby pigs inside to put on the radiator to keep them warm. It was certainly a different world in Rockford, IL back in the early thirties when she was growing up…

  2. textisle Says:

    Thank you Janice, it is a scary disease and so hard on families. Let’s hope all the research pays off soon! The auction has an amazing variety of different styles including some by people who taught themselves just to be able to contribute!

  3. Beading Mom Says:

    Excellent post. Beading is a great hobby that my mom enjoys very much, she came across a new beading blog and she just fell in love with it. She recommends it to all her friends. Just wanted to share this with everyone that loves to bead. Once again thanks for sharing.

    Creek Corner – Crafts and Beading Hobbies

  4. Prairie Point Project | Text/Isle Says:

    […] It never fails!  My major projects, such as the dino quilt, always seem to generate test and practice pieces.  And they in turn take on a life of their own. […]

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