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Cool New Toy

For some reason I love holes, so at the Victoria Sewing Show I was delighted to find Luveta Nickels from Grommets Gone Wild, a range of coloured and metallic-look grommets that are easy to use and don’t need extra tools.  Above is my first attempt, just on a piece of scrap fabric.  These can be used for shower curtains, purses, art quilts, and embellishing clothing.

People often say they’re like a kid in a candy store at sewing shows.  This time I felt more like a deer caught in the headlights ~ it’s hard to choose colours for notions, grommets, threads, beads, etc. without a specific project in mind or swatches.  I chose blue and clear grommets but have been thinking ever since about the hot green, pink, and purple ones.

The second grommet has already gone into a mini art quilt block, to be revealed here soon!


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3 thoughts on “Cool New Toy

  1. The sewing shows sure are tempting. I had to skip the Phoenix show because I was afraid I would end up with bags of great gadgets, patterns, and embroidery designs that would end up getting lost in my sewing rooms. But now that I have a tax refund, I may have to go ArtGlitter in Cottonwood AZ that’s about 2 hours away and pick up every single color!

    1. Is ArtGlitter a new show? I don’t remember hearing about it, or anything in Cottonwood for that matter, although I think there’s one restaurant there where the owner put up her own art quilts.

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