Up for a Challenge?

Melanie Testa just issued a challenge, to experiment with line for no more than 15 minutes a day on a 5-1/2 inch square of fabric, for 30 days.  I had been looking for something small that would force me to regularly make art and not be cumbersome to get out and use.

This is my first one, and my first time using a ruling pen, apart from some preliminary scratchings in my sketch book, which are still not dry by the way.  I’d forgotten how messy ink can be.  Well, things can only improve, right?


4 Responses to “Up for a Challenge?”

  1. Melly Says:

    I think maybe you should try paint, or thickening the ink, not sure how you could do that, perhaps sodium alginate will work. But the lines should not fade and disperse into the fiber of the cloth.
    I applaud your efforts!

  2. coolquilting Says:

    Hi- I got your comment about the seal on my “blog”- I hope you enjoy visiting her(?) as much as we did. Lucky you to live near Fisherman’s Wharf!
    Nice squiggly lines for the challenge. I have just gotten my ruling pen, and tried it on scrap fabric- I think it will be fun to play with.
    I gather that you are a Melanie Testa fan too- I took 2 classes with her in Chicago and they were fabulous.
    Good luck with the rest of the challenge- I will keep my eyes out for further postings from you.

    • textisle Says:

      Yeah, I met Melanie in Arizona and took workshops in Phoenix and Flagstaff. I learned so much!

      Your seal photo is so cool, and yet many people would be upset at the reflections and want the water to be all blue!

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