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THE formula

I’ve been busy making binding.  Another quilt is off at the Quilt Spa where Andrea Hamilton is working her magic on it.  Meanwhile since it has to be mailed off to arrive in Washington State by the end of the month, I got busy with the binding.

Afraid I can’t share pix of this one just yet as it is a candidate for Susan Purney Mark’s upcoming book on Shattered Angles.  But here’s Geode, which Andrea quilted for me, which was in the Geophysical exhibit at Quilt Canada in Calgary.

The instructions for bias binding on are nice and clear, and in my bookmarks.  But after making the binding I suddenly remembered  the one bit of the formula they left out.   AAAAARRRGGGGGH!

When deciding how big of a square to cut, they tell you to calculate the area of the binding by measuring around the perimeter of the quilt, adding 10 inches for safety, then multiplying by the width of the binding.  You then find the square root of that number, which is typically something that goes to several decimal places, so they tell you to round up to the next inch.


Round up to the next multiple of your binding width.


So if the square root is 20.763, and you want the binding to be 2″ wide, don’t round up to 21″, round up to 22″ because that divides evenly by 2 and when you match up your lines and start cutting all of the binding will be 2″ wide.  Last time I was making binding I had this all figured out, but yesterday I forgot until it was too late.  Oh well, at least it’s black and there

is more where that came from.  I measured along the length of the binding and I have Just Enough to go all round the quilt with 6 inches to spare instead of 10.  Fingers crossed, people!

What’s your biggest source of frustration when quilting?   Let’s share war stories!


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