Most fun since coloured paper clips!

Susan Purney Mark has been generously sharing upholstery fabric samples, and I discovered an original use: colour copied at low exposure , they make terrific pages for my daily to-do lists.  The lists are written on front and back by the end of the day so I figure why not have something that makes me smile instead of a boring plain white piece of paper?

Coloured paper clips used to be premium priced.  Then I guess the office supply stores realized they needed to actually move them off the shelves and into the offices of the world, and the price went down.  At the time I was in charge of ordering supplies where I worked, and was amazed at how happy everyone, even the dead serious grumpy people, were with something so simple.


3 Responses to “Most fun since coloured paper clips!”

  1. Fish Oil Says:

    some office supplies are low quality that is why you should always check your store if they offer high quality products :,*

  2. textisle Says:

    There was nothing wrong with the paper clips, but when they first came out they were much more expensive than plain metal ones, so people weren’t buying them.

  3. PID Controller Says:

    `-” that seems to be a great topic, i really love it .”:

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