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Theme Thursday ~ Ephemera and Baubles

For jewelry afficionadoes

Pandora offers a fun build your own bracelet program.  It’s fun to dream, which is what most of us would be restricted to.  Just don’t go there if it’s going to make you miserable that you can’t buy the real thing!

Vintage books and ephemera are popular, yet so often seem very much all the same.  BiblioOdyssey stands out from the crowd with illustrated medieval manuscripts, central American codexes (codices? anyone know???), contemporary illustrators, early Surrealism, 18th century political cartoons.  This blogger has a mind like mine!  There’s even a book of Amazing Archival Images from the Internet, which has me seriously drooling and reminded of my gift certificate just sitting there … hey, it’s less than a bracelet, but then so is a laptop.

Another cool use of ephemera is here, where  butteflies are laser cut from vintage maps and mounted like specimens.  Be sure to read the post on the butterfly effect from the same website, which is food for thought indeed, and here’s a short quote:

“On an optimistic note, it’s worth remembering that the butterfly effect works in any direction. In theory, small individual actions could eventually reverse some of the harm already inflicted on the ecosystem, and thus restore the balance.”


Fibre artist/writer/editor in the Hawaii of Canada, a.k.a Vancouver Island

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