5 thoughts on “Productivity

  1. HI Ruth
    What a great goal – productivity towards completion.
    It’s so easy to spend time without completing things.
    I was interested how the speaker today used her piece completed in the process of the the little pieces together (can’t recall what she called it) to build the sunflower wall hanging.

      1. I think the guild library has a book on ‘mosaic quilting’ – I took it out thinking I’d try it once – but it’s still on my list! I imagine that tweezers would come in handy:) About completion – I notice when I do experiments that I often take them further into finished pieces like Susan did with her sunflower. While this means very few UFO’s, I also wonder if it’s the best use of my stitch time because perhaps something more planned would yield a better result. I end up with alot of small projects developed as I go and less large and more impactful ones. Always so many aspects to consider! Why did you change your blog, Ruth?

      2. Yvonne,

        You have the satisfaction of having something finished, plus the practice in the finishing techniques, which means that later when you

        plan something more, you will have all the techniques at your fingertips.

        This is something that I’ve only recently really come to realize.

        Another point to consider is that smaller pieces are easier to display and eventually sell to others.

        I changed my blog because I took an online class with Quinn McDonald who runs the raw art Yahoo group. She started a wordpress blog for the class and made all the students in the class authors, so we could all post work and thoughts and discuss amongst ourselves. I realized that WordPress has a lot more features, such as categories.

        This means that if half my posts are on art quilting and the other half are on breeding hamsters or collecting glass paperweights, once the posts are categorized the art quilters can avoid the hamsters, and the hamster enthusiasts can just read about hamsters.

        Apparently there are many more features which I plan to explore bit by bit.

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