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Graphic Novels & Diet

At the Pacific Festival of the Book event yesterday, I enjoyed a slide presentation by Martin Springett, an illustrator and author whose work really does have a magical touch.

He’s working on a three-volume epic graphic novel, The Wixletree, for which he is still trying to find a publisher.  The subtext is his belief that the creative artists are the underclass of society and do all the heavy lifting.  I suspect that growing up in Britain informs this awareness of class structure.  Without a doubt, Britain is the most caste-conscious society outside of Asia, and is something that stays with those who grew up there.  Speaking from personal experience there.

Seeing his illustrations and hearing his stories tickled my intermittent desire to tell more stories.

I recently enjoyed reading The Big Skinny, by Carol Lay, a graphic novel about diet and body image filled with good advice.  As a family we are trying to reorder our diet, and I find myself thinking about this book often.  There’s something about the combination of words and pictures that makes a deeper impression than words alone and is more engaging than passively watching a movie.


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