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The 100 Challenge

I’m an avid reader of Astarte Mega-Zine and also one who loves a challenge.

See or read Stacey’s 100 Art Dolls Challenge article in the Feb issue (#5) of Astarte, which is published online.

Taking the important aspects, I’m challenging myself to create 100 mixed media pieces, giving myself the time frame of 1 year + 1 month + 1 day.

That’s 366+30+1 = 397 days, or 1 piece every 4 days. I need to pick two days in the week that are the “check” days, to either have created a piece by or get on with it and create something. Sunday is a good day and perhaps I should make Wednesday the other one. Hmm, tomorrow is Wednesday.

The important thing too is to reflect on the healing and transformative aspects of the art, not to fling into production mode.

I’m starting to know what art feels like when it truly comes from within as opposed to being a technique, a doodle, a whim, a clever concept.

OTOH I need to let go of my perfectionism or the time will go by with very little started and even less “finished.”

Countdown! Is there a counter I can put on here to count down to March 6, 2009? And hopefully to note how many pieces there are to go.

Like Stacey and Arrigo, I’m all in favor of using the stash and recycled materials WHERE POSSIBLE. i.e. I’m not going to turn that into a fetish, but I have plenty of materials of all kinds. Although I will probably end up buying Tyvek at some point. Perhaps that will be my birthday present to myself, or to celebrate some other occasion.


Fibre artist/writer/editor in the Hawaii of Canada, a.k.a Vancouver Island

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