Etsy, etc.

Decided to open an Etsy store and try selling craft/art locally at craft fairs and see how that goes and what if anything sells.

Have been researching Etsy to see whose stuff sells and get some ideas. My craft idea will soon be revealed to the world and since this is a fun/business venture I don’t feel it falls into the Use What You Have category, since some of the basics are just not in my stash!

Truly life is a spiral and every time I do something new in terms of hobbies or working, I always find I’m drawing upon previous experience which at the time it was being acquired seemed irrelevant. We are in control of our choices but Allah is really in control of the outcomes. So I believe in doing my best to make the right choices and then enjoy whatever happens.


2 Responses to “Etsy, etc.”

  1. Elle Says:

    I have an Etsy store too. I just need to make some merchandise for it!

  2. Deborah Boschert Says:

    Hmmmm. Exciting. I’m eager to hear more. Go for it!

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