another yellow rule breaker

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quilt VI, originally uploaded by bradrobinson.

Brad Robinson is another quilter who cheerfully ignores that stupid 7 percent rule.

Makes me want to hop a plane to Paris! perhaps they are decorating fabrics rather than quilting fabrics?

In England I was disappointed that the fabric is mostly the same as in the U.S. only more expensive, except for some plastic tablecloth yardage with wavy impressionistic Union Jacks on it — heavy and space hogging in the suitcase so I never bought any.

It’s wonderful to have a world culture but getting things that are unique to the place you visit gets increasingly challenging!


2 Responses to “another yellow rule breaker”

  1. Marlene Says:

    7% Rule??? Who follows rules anyway 🙂

  2. Ruth Says:

    Right. Rules were made to be broken!

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