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Casablanca, originally uploaded by wordnerd411.

The only yardage on this is the retro celadon print.

The Casablanca fabric is from a thrift store shirt that I bought because I love the fabric but it never fit right.

The tan and blue tile print is an offcut of shower curtain fabric bought from a decorating shop at a sidewalk sale, and the blue and white friendship stars and binding came from the same store.

This was almost a UFO, because originally I wanted to use up every last scrap of the Casablanca fabric and made elaborate measurements and calculations and auditioned other fabrics to make it 5 x 5 instead of 3 by 3. Now I’m glad I didn’t drive myself crazy and I’m also happier with the restricted and unusual palette.

I love zebra prints and also map prints!


Fibre artist/writer/editor in the Hawaii of Canada, a.k.a Vancouver Island

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